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Leadership Competency Model for SustainabilitySM
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Do your corporate executives possess the skills needed to drive your sustainability commitments?
Like any good strategy, effective integration of a sustainability agenda within organizations requires effective leadership.
Just because you’ve developed sustainability plans doesn’t mean that your executive team possesses the leadership
competencies needed to model and manage them. Even well-educated and highly-experienced managers rarely have
been exposed to the professional development geared toward Sustainability Leadership.

Footprint Partners has developed a customized Leadership Competency Model for SustainabilitySM, which can easily
be added to your existing talent management framework to highlight specific traits needed to cultivate sustainable behaviors in an organization.

We’ve identified eight primary competencies for authentic adoption of sustainability practices in organizations and
integration of an organizational commitment for delivering results. Through assessments and personal interviews, we
evaluate the professionals accountable for your sustainability initiatives (most often the executives managing corporate social responsibility, environmental compliance, marketing, philanthropy and strategy) to assess their prowess for leading sustainability and CSR functions.

Sustainability depends on leaders who can:

  • Maintain a long-term perspective
  • Exhibit resourcefulness
  • Think innovatively
  • Take risks/experiment
  • Work collaboratively
  • Encourage feedback
  • Recognize and manage trade-offs
  • Handle ambiguity and chaos

Footprint Partners works with you to identify change agents and leaders in your organization who possess these skills and develop these traits through coaching and professional development activities.