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Sustainability Cultural Alignment AssessmentSM
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Is Your Corporate Culture Aligned With Your Sustainability Commitment?
Internal culture poses one of the most daunting obstacles to implementing an organization’s sustainability agenda.
While many companies have identified sustainability targets and have made commitments related to “zero impact,” few
manage to embed these key values into their culture. This missing piece creates a critical gap between the leadership’s
mandate and stakeholder adoption.

To forge a better integration between cultural values and the business’ sustainability strategy, Footprint Partners uses a
Sustainability Cultural Alignment AssessmentSM, a quick and accurate diagnostic tool that gives companies a method for assessing current values against a set of attributes and practices that support a culture of sustainability. We use the Assessment to answer key questions, such as:

  • What cultural values are intrinsic to our corporate culture?
  • What values do employees believe should better reflected in the culture?
  • What cultural values do we need to adopt in order to achieve our sustainability goals?
  • Where are the biggest gaps between our employees’ personal values around sustainability and how they are currently experiencing our workplace?
  • Are the pockets of highly engaged employees who can serve as change agents to accelerate our progress?

Based on the internationally recognized Barrett Model, Footprint Partners’ Sustainability Cultural Alignment Assessment crystallizes the degree to which sustainability values already reside in the culture (collectively), and delivers a prescriptive plan to embed behaviors that will reinforce a sustainability mindset and complementary practices among employees.

The outcome is a clear picture of the organization’s current corporate culture as well as identification of what values are needed to prepare the workforce for delivering on your sustainability principles and plans.