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Sustainability Message MapSM
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How can you drive employees and customers toward your sustainability objectives??
If your organization struggles to achieve its sustainability agenda, the problem might be what you’re saying – not what you’re doing. Getting employees and customers on board with your sustainability goals requires messaging clarity and relevance.

Footprint Partners’ Sustainability Message MapSM gives you insight into your messaging around sustainability. We audit your marketing and communications material to determine the authenticity, meaningfulness and actionability of your messaging. Through facilitated sessions and focus groups, we find answers to these key questions:

Sustainability depends on leaders who can:

  • What messages are you conveying to employees? To customers?
  • Do these messages resonate with each target market?
  • Are your messages perceived to be credible? Are you bordering on “green washing”?
  • Do your messages convey an appropriate level of clarity?
  • Is your messaging nuanced and layered?
  • Are your messages stimulating desired behaviors? Are you “green nudging”?

Based on this assessment, we recommend language, scenarios and feedback loops that make your messages more provocative and compelling. Most importantly, we make sure your messaging leads to the behavior changes needed for your sustainability initiatives to succeed.