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Footprint Partners

Our Difference

Most corporations have already made a meaningful commitment to environmental stewardship as a key business strategy. However, after adopting sustainability principles, many of these same organizations fail to progress toward their stated goals.

How can you mobilize your Corporate Social Responsibility agenda and convert it into leadership behaviors, employee practices and cultural values?

Data, regulations, metrics and codes of conduct provide the structure, but people are the key to success.

Footprint Partners provides unique insight and tools to help organizations achieve their sustainability targets and commitments. While other consultants focus on measurement, reporting and compliance, Footprint Partners focuses on people. We offer a rare blend of experience in change management, leadership development, cultural assessment and communications that fuel a company’s sustainability initiatives. With our counsel and hands-on support, companies are able to move from articulating a sustainability strategy to attaining the buy-in and stewardship needed to make it successful.