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Sustainability Readiness IndexSM
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How prepared is your organization for the changes needed to realize your sustainability initiatives?
In today’s fast-paced and changing world, every business needs a workforce that can adapt to strategic, operational and cultural change. Organizations embracing sustainability agendas have an added dilemma – they must find ways to help employees change decades-old mindsets and traditional behaviors in order to perform consistently with sustainability standards and principles.

Making the shift requires far more than publishing targets and reengineering manufacturing lines. Companies need to stimulate a personal sense of ownership and responsibility for sustainability among employees. In other words, sustainability must suffuse the underlying culture of the organization.

Footprint Partners’ Sustainability Readiness IndexSM is the ideal tool for assessing your organization’s readiness to achieve your sustainability plans. Sustainability readiness helps companies determine their agility in adapting to changes – particularly those that will be needed to integrate sustainability practices into the culture and operations. Using a scored online survey, the tool quickly highlights an organization’s obstacles to the changes related to sustainability around five areas:

  • Leadership Commitment: Is the C-suite visibly on board?
  • Employee Engagement: Do employees see clear links between the organization’s vision and their roles/functions?
  • Performance & Compensation: Have policies and incentives been aligned?
  • Reporting & Transparency: Is data available to monitor progress?
  • Supply Chain Integration: How reliant is the organization on its extended enterprise to achieve its sustainability commitment?

By combining Footprint Partners’ leading diagnostic tools – the Sustainability Readiness Index and the Sustainability Cultural Alignment Assessment – clients can feel confident that they have the insights, direction and specific approaches needed to advance their sustainability initiatives.